Recent Volatility of Stocks Far From Over | August 7th 2007

Business Wire
Jupiter, Fla. – August 7, 2007 – The Gorilla of Gorilla Trades, a stock advising service providing a proprietary software that uses technical indicators to suggest potential stocks slated for explosive growth, cautions that the market’s Monday surge may be short lived seeing as the meltdown of the mortgage market may have carried over into the corporate realm.

Prior to Monday’s upswing, it was the general consensus that Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, and his constituents would be the culprit of a fall in the market. However, the swell of Monday’s market was enough to alleviate some of the stress being put on the Fed to move interest rates.

“Monday’s mega-bounce in equities definitely takes a ton of pressure off the Fed to ‘Do Something’,” explains the Gorilla. “The last thing the Fed wants to do right now is address all of the sub-prime problems and credit land mines the Fed helped create through so many years of easy money.”

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