Jupiter, FL — A spokesman for Gorilla Trades, Inc. (GTI) today announced the $5000 cash winner of a contest rolled out 15 years ago in July, 2000. A few months earlier that year, the Nasdaq had reached a record high of 5,132.52, but in May, 2000, the market collapsed, plummeting 41%, to a low of 3,042. As panicked investors anticipated their next anxious move, GTI brought levity to the situation by offering a cash prize to predict the rebound.

The contest had Gorilla Trade subscribers and others guess the date the Nasdaq would achieve a new record high, post-crisis: Guess closest to when the Nasdaq will hit 5132.53 and win $5000 cash! read the call for submissions on the website

With market woes impacting every aspect of American life, and given the seemingly-unreachable 5000-level+ Nasdaq goal at that time, no winner could be chosen until now. Of the thousands of entries received between 2000-2006, the official end of the contest, only 10 contestants selected the farthest date allowed to be submitted as a guess: December 31, 2010. Eight of the 10 chose the market close, and the tie-breaker was the entry received first among them. Helena Jackson of Winston Salem, NC, who entered her guess on June 22, 2002, was declared the winner of the $5000 cash prize.

“Who could have predicted this contest would extend for 15 years because of history-making financial events?” said a GT spokesperson. “This is a celebration for everyone. With a new Nasdaq record now set in 2015, all of us are winners.”

Founded in 1999, Gorilla Trades has subscribers in 55 countries with most being long-term subscribers. GT stock picks are listed regularly on a “menu” of both new and existing investments offered to subscribers for consideration with their individual investment objectives and risk tolerance levels in mind. The company has a record of holding strong in its stock predictions.