Gorilla Trades Urges Investors to Enjoy Stock Market Rally | July 3rd 2007

Gorilla Trades defies popular belief by advising investors to take advantage of the stock market’s rally.
Jupiter, Fla. (July 03, 2007)

– Gorilla Trades is advising investors to take advantage of the present status of the bull market. Many analysts believe that the market is becoming very volatile, as it usually does before it takes a turn for the worse. The Gorilla points out, however, that only twice during the past 3 years has the S&P 500 Index gained or lost as much as 2% in a single session. In comparison, this happened 23 times in the final year (1999) of the great bull market of the late 90’s!

Today’s market is nothing like that of ’99, yet there has been enough speculation about a possible downturn that it has caused some to worry. There are legitimate causes for this speculation: rising interest rates, skyrocketing oil prices, concern about inflation, and the housing bust, among others.

However, the Gorilla counters these concerns by stating that “…inflation is not surging and economic growth is still pressing ahead after more than five years since the last recession. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is near a five year low at 4.5%, more than a full percentage point below its 20 year average, and the S&P 500 is still selling at just 17 times earnings.” The Gorilla concludes that “…things are far from being speculative, and advises all investors to enjoy the market’s rally!”