Gorilla Trades, Inc Offers New LITE Version| May 4th 2015


JUPITER, Fla., May 4, 2015 / — Gorilla Trades, Inc. now offers subscriber services in a lite version for those who do not directly trade, but who still want a quick, written market summary delivered to their email box daily.
A spokesperson for the online global investor subscriber service (GTI) said the new, distilled version of the GT Report, called Gorilla Trades Lite, imparts interesting market insight and information to investors who use stockbrokers, personal money managers, and others to invest on their behalf. It also serves as a highly-readable market overview for individual investors who have turned almost exclusively to professional money managers, but who want an easy, less intrusive way to keep up with the market on all fronts. Non-direct investors can stay apprised of market activities daily in the Gorilla Trades Lite Summary, which is devoid of any advertising messages, network commentary, or political bias.
The Gorilla Trades’ Lite Summary delivers a market overview and stock performance recap each evening to subscribers. The report also gives colloquial insight into what actual traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange are saying.
“We are making Gorilla Trades’ Lite Summary available after frequent requests for a version of our services that is brief and digestible. The Gorilla breaks down market action to engaging concepts and examples so readers can understand the workings of the market without having to be directly engaged,” said the spokesperson.
“Think of it as a friendly, no-holds-barred conversation with your broker at the end of the day, but with no decisions called for, no-strings-attached.”
To subscribe, sign up for a free trial at www.gorillatradeslite.com. With subscribers in 50 countries, Gorilla Trades Inc. is a 15 year-old, global online subscriber service providing news, professional insight and expertise into the stock market.