Analyst Makes Bold Stock Market Prediction & Guarantee

JUPITER, Fla. – Ken Berman, the founder and CEO of Gorilla Trades Inc. (GT), announced today that he is very excited and confident about the prospects of the stock market. In fact, so much so that he is putting his money where his mouth is again, and making an extraordinary guarantee:

If you subscribe to Gorilla Trades for two years by Friday, June xx4th, and the Dow does not reach the 30,000 level by the time your subscription expires, the Gorilla will give you another two-year
subscription absolutely FREE!

Mr. Berman has a history of being correct. He last made an offer like this in February of 2017, when the Dow stood at 20,700. Berman guaranteed the Dow would break 24,000 within two years of that date. It took only nine months for the Dow to break the 24,000 level, on November 30, 2017.

About Gorilla Trades

Founded in 1999, Gorilla Trades has subscribers in 55 countries with most
being long-term subscribers. GT stock picks are listed regularly on a “menu” of both
new and existing investments offered to subscribers for consideration with their
individual investment objectives and risk tolerance levels in mind. The company
has a record of holding strong in its stock predictions.

Gorilla Trades provides updated news, professional insight, and expertise into
the stock market. Online subscribers use the GorillaPicks™ portfolio as a
guideline for savvy investment decision-making. More than 6,000 stocks are
sifted through daily to match each of GT’s 14 technical indicators for
potentially explosive growth. Weekly-updated stop loss levels and inside targets
are also provided.